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Living & Family Room Design

The living room is where it all begins, because most people want their living room to be designed before anything else. Included in that category are family rooms, but regardless of what you call it, the living/family room is usually the most public room in the house. Whether it's formal or casual it's where your family gets together and where guests are entertained when they visit.

Living Room Design Ideas

When a potential client approaches us about designing their living room, the first question we ask is about their lifestyle. Do they have kids and pets in the house? This gives us an idea of a general direction and what would function practically for that client.

The next question is what colors make them feel good. Even if a client with kids and animals loves white, we can accommodate that. We have fabrics that are so cleanable that even a household with pets and young children can have white upholstery in a room.

Color is, however, so personal. Everyone reacts differently to colors. Some clients like everything neutral and think it makes for a more relaxing atmosphere. Others like more drama in their rooms and prefer strong colors. What we usually suggest is that the large pieces, like the sofa, are done in neutral colors. Then we layer colors on top of the neutrals. Chairs can be in stronger colors, Then, of course, pillows and accessories are a wonderful way to bring in additional color.

Rug Selection

The right rug or carpet can make a room come to life, and it's key to setting off the furniture. Rugs can be chosen for color, pattern or texture. We have some rugs that are so soft on your feet that people can't wait to walk on them.

Pattern & Scale

Color is all important, but pattern has to be a factor as well. The rule of thumb with mixing patterns, in fabric to fabric or fabric to rugs is to make sure the two elements are different in scale and shape. For example, if the rug is a large scale, the fabrics should be in a smaller scale. If the rug has flowers or curved shapes, then the fabrics should be stripes or geometries. Similar shapes can also be mixed as long as the scale is distinctly different.

Selection & Style

We offer a wide range of upholstered sofa and chair styles and prices, from Grade 1 styles, as shown in the store for less than $1500, to custom styles with down cushions in hundreds of fabrics.

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